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Online casino scam - which casinos are reputable and safe?

Online casino scam - tips, criteria, veracity and reputable casinos

Casino scams, generally speaking, unfortunately happen in some unscrupulous casinos.

The following are some examples of what can occur (fortunately very rarely), in no particular order

Withholding of payments, for example hoping the player changes his/her mind and continues to play

Blocking of account after making a payment, especially of higher amounts (or insinuations of cheating/double accounts etc., thus requiring various meaningless documents)

System-running software (random generator is manipulated) Nevertheless, why are there still so many negative reports circulating on the internet about online casinos?

An unusually high number of the same colour hits on the roulette wheel, or you feel like you're losing just too many consecutive rounds at blackjack or on the slot machines. Of course, this is annoying, I would feel the same! But what you have to keep in mind here is that theoretically everything is possible, and seemingly very unusual colour or number sequences often happen in real casinos. For example, I have experienced the same number coming up four times in a row at a roulette table in Las Vegas! ( picture in pop-up window here). Just as the random generator can bring losing streaks, it can also regularly bring winning streaks!

Some people feel cheated by normally occurring small variances or irregularities, and use the the words "scam" and "rip-off" to get attention in forums.

After losing, frustrated players tend to lose control and write wild things. They want to find a scapegoat for their disappointment, and the casino often has to play this role.

Prolonged deposits or withdrawals – according to the State Treaty on Gambling, nearly all providers are classified as being abroad; in principle, a foreign transfer takes approx. 5 days, much longer than a domestic transfer. In addition, in reputable casinos your identity will be checked before the first payment (because they are unfortunately often misused for money laundering), which takes additional time. The second payout is usually significantly faster with the vast majority of providers

Using the Martingale doubling system (if it fails, you will have huge losses - please do not play it!)

It should be remembered that the major German online casinos have several hundred thousand active players (you will find 4 large, reputable casinos below); the more players there are, the more likely it is that you will find reports about the casinos on the Internet (reputable casinos usually clear up incidents immediately, but the people who have written in forums then often forget to write "all sorted" at the end). Forum posts can usually be found on the Internet for years afterwards, for the "lifetime" of the forum, but are rarely current or representative.

These are just a few reasons why you can find a lot of hits on Google under "Online casino scam" and similar subjects!

Tips on finding reputable casinos:

Play only at casinos that are recommended on Internet portals. Do not immediately register from a direct Google search (that way, you already close off 90% of disreputable providers). Never sign in to casinos advertised by spam email, or download software from spam emails (risk of virus attacks etc.)!

Do not try to manipulate the system yourself (double accounts, using the same credit cards in multiple accounts, etc., the casinos have systems and employees who are paid to check things like this).

Always withdraw smaller amounts and do not try to empty the account by withdrawing a huge sum at once (it just works better and you can test for yourself before hand if everything is OK).

Do not be unsettled by occasional high bonus offers - the competition among online casinos is fierce, which is why everyone wants to outbid each other (unfortunately most offers are partly linked to conditions that are almost impossible to fulfill, but you should also remember that these days no supplier is obliged to give away hundreds of dollars in this way). There should be an incentive – those who play regularly will gradually be able to claim the bonus. You can also refuse to accept the bonus, but that is up to you.

First test the respective casino in play money mode - so you can see if you like it at all!

I have been an online casino player for several years, and during this time I have gathered much experience with these 4 casinos, especially EuroGrand: they are all tested and reputable and take their offering seriously. In addition, in the Eurogrand Casino and Casinoclub you can deposit and withdraw securely via PayPal (with buyer protection, and all other benefits):

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Eurogrand is a trusted provider with nearly 10,000 Facebook fans. It offers very good quality games and a huge selection. The support is excellent, it responds quickly and competently. Optimal provider for customers who want to play everything, namely table games (roulette, blackjack), card games and slot machines in a safe and profitable manner.

New customers receive a tiered bonus, with up to 1000 € possible.

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Casinoclub was founded in 2001, has over 500,000 registered customers and has been listed on the stock exchange. The site provides great, personal customer service and is particularly suitable for casino players who love to play roulette and blackjack (Casinoclub has the best and most innovative software for this).

There is a compelling VIP Club, a free print magazine and regular invitations to joint events. The first deposit will be doubled up to a value of 250 €.

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Sunmaker is optimal for casino players who want to play the original Mercury amusement arcade games (the ones with the sun) securely on the Internet (Triple Chance, Extra 10 Liner, Jokers Cap, Blazing Star, etc.). Sovereign providers and specifically recommended if you like arcade games!

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